AMDG Financial and AMDG Business Advisory Services to Join Savant

Is Inflation Haunting Your Financial Dreams?

The Folly of Chasing Speculative Returns

Protecting What’s Yours After You Die: Step-by-Step Estate Planning

Protecting What's Yours After You Die: Why Estate Planning Is Key

Say What? Understanding Financial Jargon

Retirement Countdown: 5 Things to Consider Before Your Next Life Stage

Anticipating the "Next Normal"

American Rescue Plan Act Brings More Help to Struggling Businesses

SPACs, NFTs, and a Tale of Tulips

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021: How Will It Affect You?

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency: What You Need to Know

Dimensional Lowers U.S. Mutual Fund Management Fees

What Do We Mean by "Evidence-Based" Investing?

Dimensional's Approach to the GameStop Trading Events

Understanding Sequence Risk in Retirement

The Impact of the "Short Squeeze" on Your Long-Term Investments

2021: The State of AMDG Financial and AMDG Business Advisory Services

The Small, Quiet Acts That Make a Difference

These Five Maxims Will Help You Be a Successful Investor

Stimulus Bill Highlights: What Individuals and Businesses Need to Know

Dimensional Fund Advisors Offers New ETF Options for Tax-Efficient Investing

The SECURE Act and Your Retirement Plan Beneficiaries - Do This NOW!

Want to Learn About Investing? Our Recommended Holiday Reading

Money Moves to Make Before Year-End 2020

Wishing You a Meaningful Holiday Season

Reflections on the 2020 Presidential Election

2020's Maxim: Expect the Unexpected

Regulation Best Interest: One Size Fits None?

Did You Take a PPP Loan? Get Ready for Higher Taxes.

Buyout Offers: What to Know Before You Go

The Not-So-Great Game of Investing

What We Know About the President's Payroll Tax Holiday

The 2020 Gold Rush

Chris Carlson, CFP(R), C(k)P(R), AIF(R) Named Partner at AMDG Financial

Solving the PIP Medical Coverage Puzzle

The Effect of Elections on Market Returns

Wealth Management Dos and Don'ts During the Coronavirus

Q2's Divergent Stories: Stocks Up, Economy in Recession

Our Surprise Custody Audit and What It Means for You

Three Strategies to Manage Your Investing Fears

Why Do People Hire Financial Advisers?

Paycheck Protection Program Update

A Q1 to Remember

COVID-19 Resources

AMDG Financial: Here for You

Three Thoughts During Scary Markets

Announcement from AMDG Financial/Business Advisory Services

The Pause That Refreshes?

Will the Coronavirus Infect Your Investment Portfolio?

Three Investment Insights

2020 Update: The State of AMDG Financial

The End of a Year, and a Decade

Start the New Year Right: Financial Best Practices for 2020

What the SECURE Act Means to You

Year-End Tax-Saving Strategies for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Why "Safe Harbors" May Not Be the Best Port in a Storm

Maintaining Resilience in Turbulent Times

Melissa Orlando Joins AMDG Business Advisory Services

What Is Liquidity?

Third Quarter 2019 Market Review

October is Financial Planning Month: Do You Have a Plan?

The Pros and Cons of Refinancing Your Mortgage

Five Ways to Prepare for a Recession

What is a Monte Carlo Analysis?

Why Market Timing is a Losing Proposition

Protecting What's Yours (While You're Alive)

The Effect of an Inverted Yield Curve on Your Portfolio

Why Didn't My Portfolio Beat the S&P 500?

You, Your Financial Well-Being and the Federal Reserve

The SECURE Act Leaves Some Feeling Insecure About Estate Planning

Taking the Temperature of the Market

On Independence (The Financial Kind)

What Just Happened?! SEC Waters Down Fiduciary Status

Minimize the "Widow's Penalty" Tax with a Roth Conversion

The Pros and Cons of Pension Payouts

Concerned About a Trade War With China? Don't Panic.

Here's How Entrepreneurs Should Approach Charitable Giving

Why Your College-Aged Child Needs a Durable Power of Attorney

Take Extra Care with This Document if You're an Entrepreneur

A "Master Map" Can Guide Your Financial Journey as an Entrepreneur

In the Rearview Mirror: Q1 2019

How to Adapt When Financial Planning Becomes About More Than Investing

The Simple Truth About Backdoor Roth IRA Contributions

As an Entrepreneur, Ask Yourself This Question About Your Adviser

Here's What a Strategic Adviser Does for an Entrepreneur

How to Prepare for Your First Meeting with a Financial Adviser

Helping Entrepreneurs Get the Right Advice

Understanding Asset Allocation

The State of AMDG Financial

The Worst of Times, or Just the Usual Mixed Bag?

Six Resolutions for a Happy Financial New Year

Five General "Truths" for Thriving in Volatile Markets

Small Business Trends for 2019

Time to Plan for Tax Season!

It Takes a Village to Combat Elder Financial Abuse

Remember the Little Things This Thanksgiving

Global Diversification: A Measure of Relief for Market Turbulence

Protecting Your Child from Identity Theft

Navigating Open Enrollment Outside of an Employer

Open Enrollment is Coming. Are You Ready?

AMDG Financial Welcomes Ken Porter

Markets Remain Strong in Q3

Charitable Giving Under New Tax Laws: An Overview of Sensible Strategies

Charitable Giving Under New Tax Laws: Understanding the Donor-Advised Fund (DAF)

Pass-Through Businesses Receive Additional Guidance on New 20-Percent Deduction

Your Opinion Is Important to Us: Please Complete This Survey...

Adviser Credentials: What to Look For

Adviser Credentials: Beneficial or Bogus?

Mid-Year Market Update

The Yield Curve and You: Is It Time to Worry?

AMDG Financial Renews Certification for Fiduciary Excellence

The Vital Role of Rebalancing

Don't Forget the FBAR!

The Value of Advice: Competent Counsel in an Emergency

10 Things to Do Right Now While Markets Are (Not Really) Tanking

Q1 2018 Sees Volatility on the Rise

AMDG Financial Offers Free Financial Scrapbooking Webinar April 25

The State of Wellbeing in America and Michigan: What Makes Us Happy?

Tech Stocks and Tariffs Create Tense Moments for Investors

Vetting Your Financial Adviser: Finding Right-Fitting Advice

Vetting Your Financial Adviser: First There Is Fiduciary

Vetting Your Financial Adviser: How Do You Know?

The Value of Advice: Stretching Your Retirement Dollars

Employee Spotlight: Mark Evenson

Tax Reform and Its Effect on Pass-Through Entities

Missing a Form 1099-Misc? Don’t Ask for It! 

Divorce, Alimony, and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Tax Reform and You: What’s New in 2018 (Part 2)

What's Your Market Mantra Today? Try "Ommm..."

Tax Reform and You: What’s New in 2018 (Part 1)

Five Ideas to Make Your Business Successful This Year

Can 2018 Top 2017?

Cryptocurrency: What's It All About?

The Value of Good Advice

TD Ameritrade Sounds Off on Tax Reform Bill

Reflections on a Happy Thanksgiving

HSA, FSA or HRA? What You Need to Know

Documenting the Fiduciary Process: Tips for Plan Sponsors

Misperceptions About Market Corrections: Are You Prepared?

Three Down, One to Go - Quarterly Market Review

Half of a Whole: Losing Your Spouse

Why Entrepreneurs Need Financial Planning

Equifax Breach: What Should You Do?

Donate to Our Neighbors in Need

How Financial Advisers Get Paid, and Why You Should Care

The Story in Q2 2017: Steady as We Go

Join AMDG Financial For Financial "Scrapbooking"

Preventing 401(k) Plan Leaks

The Fiduciary Work-Around You Should Know

Hi (Your Name Here), It’s Me – Your Money!

Beware the Crystal Ball (Drop)!

Using Tax-Loss Harvesting to Your Advantage

Healthcare Cures for Ailing Small Businesses

The Best Holiday Gift? A Plan for Your Financial Well-Being

A Thanksgiving for Coming Together

Understanding What We Can Control

Post-Election Reflections

No Time Like the Present(s) to Start Saving

When It Comes to Finances, There’s No “Free” Lunch…Or Dinner!

Structured CDs: Buyer Beware!

Don't Bet on the Next President to Boost Your Portfolio!

Three Lessons from the Wells Fargo Debacle

5 Tax To-Dos This Fall

Presidents, Politics and Your Portfolio

AMDG Financial on “Value of Advice” YouTube Channel

403(b)Careful! Tips to Avoid the Pitfalls of High Fees and Hidden Charges

Five Tips to Keep Cybercriminals Away from Your Assets

“Parenting” Your Wealth in Uncertain Markets

Planning for Long-Term Care

Five Financial Tips to Pack for College

The Parent Trap You Didn’t Expect

Michigan Mirrors National Financial Capability Statistics

Ins and Outs of 403(b) Plans

AMDG Financial Joins Aspire Financial Services’ 403(b) Advisor Network

Why Our CEFEX Certification Matters to You

Not Sure What to Do about the Brexit? Keep Calm and Carry On!

Here’s to HOPE Amidst the Sadness

Survivorship Bias and Other Tricks of the Trade

Risky Business: What You Need to Know

Understanding the “Fiduciary” Flap

Reflections on Robo-Advice

Join AMDG Financial for Financial “Scrapbooking” This Friday

A Spring-Cleaning Checklist for Your Finances

Reflections on the Department of Labor’s New Fiduciary Rule

Revisiting Reverse Mortgages: Pros and Cons

Why Young People Need an Estate Plan Too

Timeless Tips on Tax-Wise Investing Part II -- You and Your Tax-Wise Team

Timeless Tips on Tax-Wise Investing -- Part I: You and Your Investments

Striking the Balance between Debt and Saving

How Bad Market News Can Be Good News for You

Why the “F-Word” (Fiduciary) Will Be on Every Adviser’s Tongue in 2016

2015: A Test of Investor Discipline

If Only It Were as Simple as an Index Card!

Will Broken China Cause Your Portfolio to Leak?

Five Ways to Make Your Financial Resolutions Stick

Resolve to Create a Financial Scrapbook in 2016

What Will the Markets Do in 2016? Actually, It Doesn’t Matter.

Rebecca Stroud, CFA, Rejoins AMDG Financial as Adviser and Wealth Manager

Confused about Changes to Social Security? AMDG Financial’s Complimentary e-Book Can Help

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