Remember the Little Things This Thanksgiving

Here’s a fun fact: Aside from a few specialized cell groups, science suggests our bodies tend to regenerate themselves with all-new cells about every decade. And yet, somehow, while the trillions of tiny components that comprise “you” and “me” may come and go, something greater within us has staying power, making each of us unique, enduring and important.

Whatever that “something” is, we’d like to think it also connects each of us with all of us. In her book, “Unthinkable,” science journalist Helen Thomson proposed, “the only thing that separates two people is a layer of skin.”

We’d like to remind you how very thankful we are to be connected with you as your adviser. Together, we believe we’re part of something so much bigger than any of us can be by ourselves.

We also would like to wish you and your loved ones all the best as you celebrate and enjoy each other’s company this Thanksgiving.

Sometimes, the many details that make up a holiday may seem trivial: preparing that favorite family recipe; reaching out to a special someone you’ve been meaning to call; coming home early from the office, even if your tasks aren’t yet complete. But remember, this season and year-round, over time, small acts create enormous events.While we usually emphasize that point as it relates to your financial well-being, let’s take a break from money matters for a moment, and savor how well it applies to every cell of your actual being.

Here’s my favorite Thankgiving tradition: It’s called the Titus Turkey Sandwich – to be eaten only after you’ve already stuffed yourself completely on Thanksgiving Day.

Ingredients: Leftover turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, Ocean Spray canned cranberry, stuffing, Hellman’s mayonnaise, bread, fresh ground black pepper, two slices of your favorite bread (but why be healthy? Hostess white bread works fine!).

Slather one slice with the cold congealed gravy and the other with Hellmann’s mayo (this is a great moistening agent and helps you eat at least two of these sandwiches in 15 minutes).  Lots of ground pepper on both sides of the spread bread.  Add leftover turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and slices of jellied cranberry sauce.You know you’ve got it right if the height of this sandwich is no shorter than 3.5 inches!

For our colleague, Mark Evenson, an adviser here at AMDG Financial, the tradition involves hosting both sides of the family for the big meal. It was the first tradition Mark and his wife, Holly, started when they were first married 10 years ago. The day after Thanksgiving, Mark disappears into the woods to go hunting with his long-time friends. When he returns on Sunday, he, Holly, and their girls put up their Christmas decorations.

What traditions will you be celebrating this Thanksgiving and holiday season? Whatever you do, I hope it will be filled with cherished memories, large and small. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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