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I bet this happened to you at least once this week. Maybe you were doing some research, or a little shopping online. You clicked on a website, and in just a few seconds – before you even had a chance to see whether the site has what you’re looking for – one of those dreaded pop-ups appeared. “Your opinion is important to us!” it exclaims. “Would you be willing to complete a survey?”

Those surveys may be annoying for consumers, but for data-driven companies, they’re gold. Customer satisfaction and customer experience are increasingly becoming the drivers for how companies structure their businesses. Understanding what makes a customer happy (or unhappy) can either help companies keep those customers long-term, or lose them in an instant. According to Walker, a customer experience consulting firm, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator for businesses by the year 2020. Bain & Co. says that companies that excel at customer experience grow revenues four to eight percent above the market. The bottom line? Don’t look for surveys to go away anytime soon.

New call-to-action

Like most companies, AMDG Financial is committed to providing the best possible experience for our clients. In the past year, we’ve invested significantly in technology – including a new CRM system called Junxure Cloud, which helps us streamline our workflows, centralize client information, improve our reporting, and build a more holistic picture of our clients’ financial lives. We’ve also made it easier for clients to access their accounts online, with a link to a personalized portal on our website. The portal software, called Orion, even offers a customized mobile app, which we hope to bring online for our clients later this year, making it possible to access accounts on the go. And, continuing our efforts to help families get their finances organized, we’ve invested in a software system called Asset-Map, which enables us to create a visual representation of a client’s finances and identify gaps and opportunities to help them achieve success.

This year, we also started offering webinars, and are working to create a podcast that will keep listeners up to date on the firm’s activities, provide insight on what’s happening in the market, and explore financial concepts that might be useful for clients to apply to their own situations. Our small-but-mighty staff is constantly dreaming up ways to deliver the best possible experience for our clients because it’s in the firm’s DNA to do so. Like many companies, we want to grow, and our guiding principles dictate that we do it by placing our community (our clients, families, partners and employees) first. We understand that when we do the right things, the right things will happen – including growth.

As we look at AMDG Financial’s objectives for the future, we want to involve our clients even more, by asking for advice on our future plans, and getting their feedback on their experience with us. Look for that to happen in two ways: First, we may ask you to complete a two-minute survey after one of our meetings with you. Those surveys will help us improve future meetings for you and other clients, and will help us gauge your overall satisfaction with our services. These survey results will be compiled by and shared with our staff, so we can turn improvements around in real time.

Second, I’ll be calling some of our clients to ask for a one-hour meeting, so I can share our plans and ask you for the wisdom of your education and experience. Those of you who are small business owners have a wealth of knowledge to share; but I’m also looking for what’s important to all of you, so we can make dealing with your financial well-being a joyful process that you not only understand, but want to participate in.

Thank you in advance for helping us understand your needs and desires, likes and dislikes.

As the surveys say, your opinion is important to us. Our guiding principles at AMDG Financial encourage us to improve our knowledge and skill sets to help make positive contributions to our community, and what better place to focus our learning process than by talking to our clients? We consider it a privilege to serve our community in a humble, responsible and open way, and look forward to your feedback, so we can serve you better.

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