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Are you still trying to find the time to get your finances in order? Would you be able to tell a loved one how to operate your household if you were hurt, hospitalized or worse?

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Preventing 401(k) Plan Leaks

An article in the Wall Street Journal highlights a growing problem for American companies: employees who use their 401(k) plans like ATMs – tapping their retirement savings for loans, or just cashing them out completely – paying taxes and...

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The Fiduciary Work-Around You Should Know

Proponents of the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) Fiduciary Rule suspected it might not survive a Trump presidency. And on February 3, Mr. Trump fired the first salvo – issuing a memo ordering the DOL to review the controversial rule. Since...

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Hi (Your Name Here), It’s Me – Your Money!

Each year, millions of Americans make New Year’s resolutions related to improving their financial situation. They could involve saving more and spending less or just making better financial decisions. But year after year, statistics show that only...

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Beware the Crystal Ball (Drop)!

As investors wait for the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, Financial prognosticators are busy manufacturing predictions with their crystal balls. These predictions range from giving Americans what they want – solid, action-worthy predictions for market...

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